Friday, March 09, 2007

Sensational News - Jesus is alive!

Titanic film director, James Cameron, claims to have discovered the burial casket of Jesus on a Jewish building site [time,bbc]. Furthermore, he also has caskets for Mary Magdelene and a supposed child of Jesus and Mary. This backs up the anti-Bible propaganda recently spread by the Da Vinci Code. As usual, Bible skeptics have jumped aboard the bandwagon, claiming that this archaeological find undermines the authority of the Biblical narrative entirely.

So what does Cameron have? A few boxes inscribed with common 1st century Jewish names. No bones, but supposedly small traces of DNA. An air of pseudo-academic integrity. Oh, and an eager-to-be-persuaded anti-Christian media circus.

Is this journalism? Certainly not the balanced, thought-provoking reporting that does justice to such a story. Is this commercialism? For sure, Cameron is used to making money from the box office. Is this sensationalism? Yes, a few half-strung-together observations construed to reach an unlikely conclusion. But sensational stories appeal to today's entertainment-saturated audiences...

So - take two. Here is a more sensational story than Cameron's... innocent folk-hero abused, harangued and executed by mob. Buried carefully and lovingly by heartbroken friends. Guarded by commando troops, who evacuate the burial ground due to seismic disturbance and extra-terrestrial activity. Tomb cracks open. Body missing. Jesus is alive!

For the full sensational story, check out the Gospel accounts. Try here or here for starters. For argument about the resurrection story, check out books like "Who moved the stone" (Frank Morrison) or "The Case for Christ" (Lee Strobel).
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