Thursday, January 15, 2009

Facing Death

Today was an unusual one. I went to the funeral of a Christian gentleman. He was old and had been married. He lived a simple life, not much money but he had always seemed to be happy and content. We were told by the preacher that he had been an angry man once, it sounded like he had almost verged on abusing his wife. He had found it impossible to control his temper.

One day he met a family who seemed to be different. They were kind and considerate and had a happy lifestyle even though they were not very wealthy. They explained to him that the source of their contentment was not based on what they had nor an extra-ordinary strength of character but because they had been introduced to God and that they knew His presence and power in their lives.

That day my friend decided that he wanted what they had. They explained that God was offering to everyone the same deal. Simply put - admit your guilt and need before God, confess your inability to live to perfection on your own and accept the offer of forgiveness from God and he will keep his promise to 'save' you. They explained that the offer was genuine because God is the creator and we are answerable to Him but more than that God sent His Son, Jesus, to earth 2008 years ago. All the details of His life point a thinking mind to this fact - God appeared on earth and in person (the person of His Son) paid the price for sin by His death. The factual historical record of the resurrection of Jesus confirms the claims that He is the Son of God and dealt with sin and transgression by His death. God raised Him from the dead by the Spirit of holiness.

Our friend responded when he heard about the offer of forgiveness and the power of a saved and changed life. Will you? Please let us know if we can help you.

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