About me

My name is Stephen Baker. I am a happily married family man with two grown up children. My son and daughter are both married. One lives in Warrington and the other near Cambridge. I have two grandchildren and one on the way. I am a Bible believing Christian whose business in life is to help people to discover the truth of God's great salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. I also spend time caring for and helping Christians live for God, this takes up a lot of time as well.

My work involves writing, speaking, blogging and working as an evangelist, school worker & creating short radio programs. My aim is to interest you in God's word, the Bible. May God bless you richly through His word and reveal Himself to you through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Presenting the message of eternal life through faith in Christ alone.


Anonymous said...

Jesús le bendiga ...llegó a mis manos un volante y es maravilloso saber que aquí también hay hombres y mujer es de Dios yo vivo en.Chile y estoy de visita aquí,nos gustaría estar en contacto con Uds.mi Facebook es Muñoz Patricia pertenezco a una gran Iglesia donde hombres y.mujeres a través del mundo profesamos y llevamos el Evangelio de Jesucristo para salvación a muchos.Jesús les bendiga por su gran labor y dedicacion

Unknown said...

Save your preaching for the weak minded and your junk mail you put through my door ended up with the pizza flyers in the recycling bin! You ain't doing the environment any favours preacher!

Patrick J.M said...

"Save your preaching for the weak minded*.* *Y*our junk mail *that* you put through my door ended up with the pizza flyers in the recycling bin! You ain't doing the environment any favours*,* preacher!"

If you're going to go on a tirade at least use punctuation correctly. What has the English language ever done to you?

Another thing, why are you so angry? All he has done to you was send a flyer through the door. He was trying to help you in doing so, now you could argue how much help it has or would do but at the end of the day that flyer coming through the door hasn't harmed anybody so this planned outburst is completely unnecessary.

Next I'll discuss the hypocritical satements you've made. First let's start with the "weak minded" comment. You are such a strong minded individual that you took to the internet to throw a hissy fit over someone believing something you don't. Please teach me you ways so that I too may make myself look not only like a crybaby but someone who can't think for themselves. If you really were a strong minded individual you'd have just let it slide or at the very least came up with a more convincing point than, "Everybody I disagree with is X, Y or Z." Now let's talk about the environment. Please, cry some more at somebody harming the environment whilst simultaneously harming the environment to get your shallow and flawed argument across. Then of course there is the matter of cattle harming the environment, cars and even passing wind doing so. Unless you're a vegan who walks everywhereand has never farted don't take the moral high ground.

truthaboutislam said...
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امل بلغيث علي قايد said...


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