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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Money could keep you out of heaven!

Money could keep you out of heaven!

Short Reading – Mark 10:17-27             
Longer Reading – Mark 10:1-27

Key Verse – Mark 10:21

Life is busy, time is money and there are many questions on my mind. Meet the man who thought money could buy everything!

His question was – ‘What shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?’ The key to the man’s question are the words ‘do’ and ‘inherit’. He was a self made man; everything he had achieved was as a result of what he had done. He probably had worked hard for everything he had. He thought of eternal life as something he could inherit. An inheritance is wealth that someone has worked hard to accumulate and the people who inherit it have a right to it. He wants eternal life but he doesn’t understand that you don’t get it the way you get wealth and possessions.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I'm great - look at me!

Look at me - I'm the greatest!

Short Reading – Mark 9:30-37    

Longer Reading – Mark 9:30-50

Key Verse – Mark 9:34

The human mind is an amazing thing. I have the ability to listen to someone talking and at the same time to be thinking my own private thoughts which could be a million miles away from what the other person is saying.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Are people generally nice?


A friend of mine is in Denmark at the moment and commented on a Facebook post about how courteous and helpful people are as he travels the world. He stated 'I travel an awful lot both for work and pleasure and I can safely say virtually everyone I come across is kind, supportive and wants to help. People at train stations, airports and hotels here in Denmark (just finished a conference) are premier league in this area. But in my experience, it’s not just people ‘serving’ who are like this but fellow travellers too. So why do that tiny tiny tiny percentage of people try to ruin a beautiful society? You know who I mean; people on a bridge in London and a Manchester arena. It would be great to know what is in their minds…then help them change it. They would see a wonderful world….in my opinion'. 


Here is my reply. You may not agree but it's a topic that we need to consider as we increasingly face violent men and a turbulent society. 

I am not so sure that it's just a tiny percentage. Thankfully the majority don't allow their sinful nature to take them to the degree of selfishness and cruelty that we have seen demonstrated recently in London and Manchester. The scriptures, Jeremiah 17:9, teach that 'the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked'. The same scripture states 'who can know it?'  So you are right we cannot understand the depths of wickedness that potentially lies in the heart of all humanity. This is case because we have all 'sinned and come short of the glory of God,' Romans 3:23. 

We only need to look at the constant need to teach order and civil obedience and to legislate against wrong to see the natural bias of all people is to be selfish. 

Children never need to be taught to do wrong, we train them to be good people and rightly so. 

God alone searches the heart and promises a new heart [the heart is morally the seat of the will, choices and emotion. The promise is made on the basis of the sacrifice of Messiah for sin - 'Messiah (Christ) died for our sins according to the scriptures,' 1 Corinthians 15:3] to those who seek Him and trust Him.

You are so right that this is a wonderful world and we are blessed that so many people see it as such but we mustn't be blind to the reason behind the depravity that exists in the hearts of humanity. 

There is a solution but it doesn't lie within the human heart. 

Incidentally a high percentage of people live in quite a horrible world, we who have wealth at our disposal are often closeted from the reality of the pain that billions face on a daily basis. I must stop. I trust that you continue to have a pleasant trip. 

Kind regards. 



Friday, June 16, 2017

A call to all Christians - Are you listening?

Listen to what the Lord tells you

Short Reading - Mark 9:1-13                Longer reading - Mark 9:1-29 

Key Verse – Mark 9:7

I find it easy to get carried away with what is happening in my life and to forget to listen to the Lord speaking to me.
You may not believe it but Peter, the apostle, had this problem as well. In today’s passage, he was one of three disciples who had a special experience. The Lord took them up into a mountain and they saw a sight that they would never forget. The Lord described what they saw as seeing ‘the kingdom of God come with power’ (v.1). They saw Jesus visibly changed, His clothes shone brighter than can be described (v.3) and His face ‘shone as the sun’ (Matt 17.2).
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