Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Terrorism or Radicalisation?

In recent times we have all become familiar with a rather sinister word - radicalization. After an act of terrorism, investigations will begin to determine how the terrorists were radicalized. A person is considered radicalized when they take the words of their prophet and their holy book literally.
I was wondering what a radicalized Christian would look like, someone who takes the words of Christ literally.
Would people in shopping malls or concert halls or school classrooms have anything to fear from radicalized Christians?
Radicalized Christians will love their families, their neighbours, and their enemies.
They will seek to save life, not to destroy it.
They will forgive those who wrong them, and bless those who hate them.
They will pray for their government and pay their taxes.
They will give honour to whom honour is due.
They will live sacrificial lives for the blessing and relief of others.
They will comfort those who mourn.
They will hunger after righteousness, show mercy, seek to be pure, make peace, will not kill, will not commit adultery, will turn the other cheek to those who smite them.
They will live their lives for the glory of God and for the welfare of their fellow men.
They will be thankful, kind, honest, faithful, pure and forgiving.
They will travel enormous distances and make huge sacrifices to share the gospel with others.
Their great motivation in life will firstly be love for God, and secondly love for their neighbour.
Do you know any radicalized Christians?

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Written for Seek the Truth Bible Media by John Parkinson of Ballymena

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