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Queen Victoria's Conversion - Being sure of eternal life!

Queen  Victoria's  Conversion 

Queen  Victoria  once  attended  a  service  in  St. Paul's  Cathedral  and  listened  to  a  sermon  that interested  her  greatly.  Afterwards  she  asked  her chaplain,  "Can  one  be  absolutely  sure  in  this  life  of eternal  safety?"  His  answer  was  that  he  knew  no  way that one could be absolutely sure. 

This  incident  was  published  in  the  Court  News  and came  to  the  notice  of  a  preacher named  John Townsend.  After  reading  of  Queen  Victoria's  question and  the  answer  she  received,  he  prayed  and  then sent  the  following  note  to  the  queen: To  Her  Gracious  Majesty,  our beloved  Queen Victoria,  from  one  of  her  most  humble  subjects: With  trembling hands,  but  heart-filled  love,  and because  I  know  that  we  can  be  absolutely sure now  for  our  eternal  life  in  the  home  that  Jesus went  to  prepare,  may  I  ask  Your  Most  Gracious Majesty  to  read  the  following  passages  of Scripture:  John  3:16;  Romans  10:9–10.  I  sign myself,  your  servant  for  Jesus'  sake,  John Townsend 

John  Townsend  was  not  alone  in  praying  about  his letter  to  the  queen.  He  took  others  into  his  confidence, and  they  offered  up  prayer  to  God  in  Her  Majesty's behalf. About  two  weeks  later  he  received  the  following letter: To  John  Townsend:  I  have  carefully  and  prayerfully read  the  portions  of  Scripture  referred  to.  I  believe in  the  finished  work  of  Christ  for  me,  and  trust  by God's  grace  to  meet  you  in  that  home  of  which  he said,  "I  go  to  prepare  a  place  for  you."  (Signed) Victoria Guelph 

After  Queen  Victoria's  discovery she  used  to  carry  a  small  booklet  to  give away.  It's  title  was  Safety,  Certainty,  and  Enjoyment. This  is  what  she  found  in  Christ. 

Can we know that  we  are sure of salvation?

Many  people  want  to  know  that  they  have  guaranteed salvation  to  be  in  Heaven,  many  people  believe  that we  can't  be  sure  at  any  particular  time! Who  is  right?   

Are  we  to  remain  without  assurance  throughout  our spiritual  lives  on  this  cursed  planet  earth? 

Perhaps  this  true  and  publicly  known  example  will help  you  to  know  for  yourself. 

This Salvation  is  freely  offered  to  everyone  -- royalty  or  not! 

Queen  Victoria  died  on  January  22,  1901. Her  reign had  lasted  nearly  64  years! She  was  laid  to rest beside Prince Albert in the Frogmore Royal Mausoleum at Windsor. Above  the  Mausoleum  door is  inscribed  the  following  words  from  Victoria,  "farewell best  friend,  here  at  last  I  shall  rest  with  thee,  with  thee in  Christ  I  shall  rise  again.

The  Finished  Work  of  Christ 

John  19:28-30  

"It  is  finished

Ephesians  2:8-9 

For  by  grace  are  ye  saved  through  faith;  and  that  not of  yourselves:  it  is  the  gift  of  God:  Not  of  works,  lest any  man  should  boast. 

Acts  4:10-12 

Be  it  known  unto  you  all,  and  to  all  the  people  of Israel,  that  by  the  name  of  Jesus  Christ  of Nazareth,  whom  ye  crucified,  whom  God  raised  from the  dead,  even  by  him  doth  this  man  stand  here before  you  whole.  This  is  the  stone  which  was  set  at nought  of  you  builders,  which  is  become  the  head  of the  corner.  Neither  is  there  salvation  in  any  other:  for there  is  none  other  name  under  heaven  given  among men,  whereby  we  must  be  saved. 

1  Timothy  2:3-6 

For  this  is  good  and  acceptable  in  the  sight  of  God  our Saviour;  Who  will  have  all  men  to  be  saved,  and  to come  unto  the  knowledge  of  the  truth.  For  there  is  one God,  and  one  mediator  between  God  and  men,  the man  Christ  Jesus;  Who  gave  himself  a  ransom  for  all, to  be  testified  in  due  time.

Hebrews  10:12 

But  this  man,  after  he  had  offered  one  sacrifice  for sins  for  ever,  sat  down  on  the  right  hand  of  God.

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