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Christ the Head of principalities and powers – Colossians 2:10

Days portion for reading  - Col 2:1-10

Christ the Head of principalities and powers – Colossians 2:10

It is a wise thing to be clear in your thinking about the Lord Jesus. The men who had come to Colosse were determined to undervalue the Lord Jesus Christ. They taught, among other things, that the Lord Jesus was just an angel who had come down to earth and that he certainly was not God. Some taught that the Lord Jesus had become ‘Messiah’ or God at his baptism and that he was only endued with divine power for the three-year period of his public ministry.  Paul writes, guided by the Holy Spirit, and makes it very clear that the Lord Jesus is the living God, full stop. No question, no argument. We have seen the evidence provided in chapter one to support this. In chapter two we are confronted with the fact that presently the ‘fullness of the Godhead’ dwells in the Lord Jesus. In other words, this is still the case long after he returned to heaven. When we add the evidence of chapter one to this truth stated in chapter two it is clearly seen that the Lord Jesus is eternally God.

To counteract the false teaching that had come to Colosse the Lord Jesus is announced to be ‘head of all principality and power’. In chapter one it has been made clear that everything was created for him, 1:16. It does not matter the level or sphere of authority it was all created by him and for him. The Lord Jesus is ‘head of all principality and power’. He is superior to and in command of every form of power and authority.

Often when the term principality and power is used it relates to authority generally, good or bad, earthly or heavenly but when the expression is used in Colossians 2:15 it relates to evil powers. 

Three things (among many other things) happened at Calvary;

1.  The Lord Jesus answered the demands of God in respect of his holiness, Rom 3:26;
2.  The Lord Jesus made salvation available to fallen humanity, Rom 3:26;
3.   The Lord Jesus dealt with the devil and the fallen angels, 
    Heb. 2:14, Rev 12:9.

At Calvary, the Lord Jesus dealt with the issues of sin and death and in doing so annulled Satan of his power. The full impact of this will be seen in a future day. The Lord Jesus robbed the forces of evil of their power and triumphed over them in doing so. Just as we wait for the day when we shall know salvation in all aspects of our lives the day is coming when the Lord will put into action the sentence that was passed at Calvary. 

He is head of all principality and power.

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