Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Final Post on Headship - Col 2:19 - Christ the Head - To be honoured

Days portion for reading  - Col 2:11-23

Christ the Head – to be honoured – Colossians 2:19

This is the last post in our studies about Christ – the Head. Has it made a difference to you as you have learned or rediscovered something of the wonders of this truth about the saviour? Did it make you bow in worship as you realised the way God has so carefully organised things? Was your reaction one of joy and gratitude when you realised that God has included you in all of his purposes because of your links with the Lord Jesus. Our reaction should have been all of these things at the very least.

In the verses preceding the one we are concentrating on today the writer has been warning his readers of the dangers of false teaching about the Lord. They are being warned that if they do not continue to give the Lord Jesus the prime place of importance in their lives or to seek his guidance then they will fall foul of the false teaching that was confronting them. By undermining the truth concerning the saviour they were in fact not giving him his rightful place. What about us? Could it be said of us “not holding the head”? Would the way we live leave onlookers to conclude that we do not really honour the Lord Jesus? The is a major challenge!

In Colosse there were men who thought, falsely, that they were the ‘last word’ when it came to what they knew. Imagine their shock when they discovered that the Lord Jesus has no limit to his wisdom and knowledge, Col 2:3. The knowledge that the Lord Jesus has is of incalculable value, it is described as ‘treasures’ and does not all lie on the surface. When valuable discoveries are made they are normally the result of great searching and hard work. The more the Christian gets to know the Lord Jesus the more they find treasures that are in hidden in him.   

The false teachers in Colosse were promoting false worship. They promoted the worship of angels and had promoted themselves through a type of humility that was not God honouring, it was a form of self inflicted physical punishment - see Col 2:23. They were dabbling in the things of the spirit world which is a dangerous practise.  The result of all of this false teaching was that they had demoted the Lord Jesus and were not honouring him as ‘the head’. 

The Lord alone can unit the church and is the means of its continued growth and good health. We need to be aware of the beliefs we hold about the Lord Jesus as wrong teaching can seriously damage our spiritual health.

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