Thursday, February 05, 2009

Snowy days

We all enjoy the snow apart from when sadly it brings hardship and problems. Quite right too! It is great to have fun and to enjoy the excitement of sledging and snowball fights.

One of the oldest books in the Bible also talks about snow. It teaches lessons from nature so that we will learn that God made our planet to educate us and point our minds and souls to Him.

Lesson 1.

Job 6:16 - Snow melts - How obvious! The lesson is - life is brief.

Lesson 2.

Job 9:30 - Snow was used as an agent of cleansing in the ancient world - We all need cleansing as sin and wrong has defiled us in the sight of a holy God.

Lesson 3.

Job 24:19 - Snow evaporates in the heat - it becomes seemingly insignificant as it disappears. We might feel like that but the word of God tells us that if God counts the birds that die and the hairs on our head we are very important to Him.

Lesson 4.

Job 37:6 - Heavy snowfall is dangerous - we know this too well but nature reminds us that we are unable to control our circumstances so we had better learn that we are mortal and turn to God who is over all, blessed for ever.

Lesson 5.

Job 38:22 - There is an inexplicable dimension in nature. God says "have you been to see the stockpile of snow or hail in the sky". No you say it doesn't exist. You are right but the designed earth produces snow and hail from clouds. Now how is that for a spectacle! God is great in creation and great in salvation.

"The Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the World"
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