Thursday, March 28, 2024

Easter Reflections


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Bert Cargill of St Monans Gospel Hall writes that most people are looking forward to Easter weekend now. It might be just for the extra springtime holiday, but for many of us, it will be another opportunity to look back on something amazing that happened nearly 2000 years ago and hasn’t lost its value. Yes, that’s when the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross and then rose again on the first Easter Sunday.

His followers were not looking forward to that weekend. He had told them that He was going to be arrested, condemned, brutally treated and crucified, and they would scatter into hiding. They had not looked forward to all that; in fact, they could not believe it!

But afterwards when they looked back to it, there was overwhelming wonder and great joy! The grief and sadness about Jesus’ crucifixion had been transformed by the fact that after three days buried in a tomb, He had risen again, and for forty days, they had seen Him, listened to Him, and shared food with Him. Then He left them and

went back into heaven. From then on, they used every opportunity to tell others about its meaning.


With great confidence, they explained how all this fulfilled God’s great plan to bless mankind. Jesus’ death paid the penalty that our sins deserved, and we can each be forgiven if we repent and accept Him as our Saviour. His resurrection opened the door to eternal life, which any of us can receive by believing in Him.


This Easter, why not join so many others who look back to reflect on the deep suffering of the cross where He died for our sins and realise again the significance of the empty tomb, because of which we can have eternal life today?


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