Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekly Update

As many of you know I have been away in Wallingford for nearly two weeks now. I have been working in schools and with Christians in the local Gospel Hall telling people about the need of a relationship with God, about the person of Jesus Christ and his claims. It is amazing to have the opportunity to speak to such a wide spectrum of individuals about the one message that can meet all of our needs.

In one day I spent some time with a tramp called Morris, he was a poor soul, and I was able to help him a little as well as tell him about the fact that God cares for him and sent his Son, Jesus to die for him. The same day I spoke to a group of parents and mums, who were fairly well to do, about the same message. Different people, different perceptions of who they are and how they relate to God but the same message applies to all and is needed by all. Later in the day I was able to speak to a couple of ladies about what I was doing in Wallingford. They were professionals and again most likely didn't see the need of God and forgiveness as my friend Morris did.

I wonder about you? How do you see life? Self sufficient! No apparent need of God! Don't feel guilt or the need for forgiveness? Maybe you see all that as weakness and in fact inapplicable to you!

Could you do me a favour? Read 2 Peter 3 in the Bible and see what you think of that. In that section of the Bible God warns us that this world will not last for ever. Read 2 Thessalonians 2 -  God warns of the disastrous consequences of our refusal to listen to him and believe what he says.

Be wise, prepare to meet your God. This life is not all there is.

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