Saturday, November 11, 2023

Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it

Passage to read - Psalm 78:12-54

Verse 35 – ‘then they remembered that God was their Rock, and the Most High God their Redeemer’

Are you into history? Do you find it fascinating to talk to old people about their memories? I often forget that old people once were young (sounds pretty obvious) and that they faced lots of situations in life and can teach us so much. One of the problems of being energetic and busy is that you don’t take time to think and learn from others. Maybe you are like that.

The Psalm that we are reading from today was written to remind the Jewish people that they will have to work hard at keeping memories from the past alive in the present. To ignore the past can mean that we make all the same mistakes again when we could have learned from the mistakes of others. Sir Winston Churchill once said 'Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it,'
Winston Churchill 

The advice in the Psalm is this:
  1. Let the next generation know about the things that make God worthy of praise.
  2. Explain to your children the wonderful things that God has done for you.
  3. Let them know how strong God is.
Just in case the reader might think that this is a pointless exercise the writer tells them about some of their ancestors who ignored the lessons of the past and became stubborn and rebellious. The result was they set their heart on the wrong things and were out of fellowship with God, verse 8.

If you are reading this you are most likely part of a younger generation. Can I warn you? Be disciplined and devoted to God. If you see things about the older generation that you think would not please the Lord, don’t copy it. Learn from their mistakes and in God’s strength be different.

Above everything else remember God is gracious, He is 

full of compassion, v38. We might fail each other but He will 

never fail us.


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