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Choices have consequences

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We all face choices every day, from the trivial things of what to wear and what to eat, to the choices that are life changing that come along from time to time. Some people find these choices relatively easy while others agonise over these choices for an exceptionally long time.

When I was about 10 years old, I faced a choice that sticks in my mind. Earlier that day my mother had told me that I had to be home by 8 o’clock – without fail. As I say the words, they ring in my ears some 37 years later.

I left my friend’s house too late and I was only too aware that if I ran the road way I would be late home and must face the consequences.

I knew of short cut through a wooded area, I made the immediate choice that this was the route I would take. As I turned down a narrow dark lane, I could see a lone lamp glowing amber in the distance I ran through the darkness towards it. 

On reaching the lamppost I paused to catch my breath. I knew that I had come too far to turn around, and with a deep breath I headed into a wooded area. I was running cautiously down a path that I had run down many times, but each time before was in the hours of daylight. This time it was very dark, there was some moonlight, but the clouds were blown across it, at moments enveloping the woods in complete darkness. 

As I ran, the leaves on the low branches brushed across the top of my head, spiders’ webs dragged across my face. I stumbled many times trying to remember the route between the trees. As I neared the deepest part of the wood, I remembered that there was a stream to cross with two old railway sleepers as a makeshift bridge. As the clouds parted the moonlight revealed the bridge momentarily. As quickly as the light appeared, the darkness shrouded the scene.

Moving forward as quickly as I dared, I approached the stream, lighting my digital watch, I knew I had two minutes left. Rushing onto the railway sleeper I felt my ankle roll as it slid off the slippery timber. That moment was one of disaster as pain shot through my leg, I fell sideways into the stream tearing my jeans and cutting my leg on the jagged end of the wood.

That moment served to confirm what I had known shortly into my journey, I had made the wrong decision and now the consequences were disastrous, at least they were in my 10-year-old mind.

However, I was not always prone to making calamitous decisions.
About eighteen months before, I had made another decision, this was one I had been putting off. I was brought up hearing the message of God’s love that the Bible teaches. I knew that I was a sinner, I also knew that Christ died for our sins. I knew that I had to get right with God, asking for Jesus Christ to be my Saviour. I had to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and then I knew I would be saved. I had known this for some time and kept putting it off and putting it off.

My brother had trusted in the Lord Jesus just a few months before and had noticed that I was troubled. He encouraged me to accept the Lord Jesus as my Saviour.

On the 8 March 1980 as a 7-year-old, I made the greatest decision I could ever make. I believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and claimed God’s promise – I was saved!

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Written by Stuart Scammell for 542Day

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