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Reflections on Elections


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Election Choices


Are you excited about the election? Many people are, it seems. Politicians and their followers vigorously promise and pledge while criticising the opposition, the media endlessly comment and analyse, and leaflets and flyers are dropped through our letterboxes. It’s all very intense just now!


When polling day comes, each person has to make up their own mind, choosing who or what they think is best for them and for the country by putting a cross in the appropriate space. But afterwards, when people find out that they did not get the choice they made, they are disappointed or even become angry. Their chosen candidate is not elected because another one got more votes.

All photos courtesy of Unsplash

Most times, you get exactly what you choose, unaffected by the choices of others - for example, choosing from a menu what to eat or where to go on holiday. But these election choices are different. What others choose affects the outcome.


But think for a minute about another choice each of us has to make, the result of which will not be affected by what other people do. What will we do with God’s offer of salvation from sin and the gift of eternal life, which He freely offers to everyone? Those who choose to accept His grace and put their trust in Him are never disappointed. This may not be a majority choice, but it is an important one.


A cross is involved here, too, but it’s not a cross we make on paper. It is the one on which Jesus Christ died so that we might be forgiven. He loved us so much that He chose to go there to take away the burden of our sin.


What will you choose?


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