Saturday, June 13, 2009

A week of Street Meetings

Last week I was in Southport each day running a Street Meeting. The aim of the week's events was to bring to the folks in the main shopping area the message of the Bible, give the opportunity to listen, to ask questions, disagree etc.

Most of us will have a view about what we think of 'street preachers'. The reaction you get from people as they pass by is so varied. One lady clapped when I finished speaking (that doesn't happen often), some people start off annoyed by your presence but end up agreeing that the message of the Bible should be brought to people's attention - it's up to them to decide what they want to do with it. Some curse, swear and generally abuse. How do you react when you hear a street preacher? Do you feel they are forcing you to listen, do you find the message offensive or is it just annoying that these folk feel that they have to preach what they believe at you!

I am convinced that people need to hear that they have broken God's law, that they are in danger of eternal punishment and that God has provided salvation through the death of His Son, Jesus. What do you think?

When you read this please e-mail at and tell me. I would love to hear.


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