Friday, July 17, 2009

Swine Flu

Most of us are not sure whether what we read or hear in the media is hyped up or if things are getting more dangerous by the day. Common sense would tell us to take precautions and not to be glib or cynical about what potentially could be a killer. Very wise counsel I would say.

Do you know what really amazes me. In most areas of life we are quite sensible and wise but when we come to spiritual/moral issues most of us stick our heads in the sand. We teach that morals are just our personal perspective on matters yet we are surprised when people take the law into their own hands and harm themselves and others because they do not have a sense of right or wrong and their accountability for their actions. We want a civilized society but cannot seem to see the link between truth and standards (or the lack of it) and the disgusting behavior of individuals in our nation.

Sin and wrong is spreading like wildfire though our society and it will get worse. Not just because the Bible predicted it would but because we now have generations of people who have never been taught what is right and why!

What is the answer? Simply put it is to get back to the Bible. See what God says. It will not make us feel better about ourselves but when we face the reality of our sin we will begin to see why God's Son, Jesus came into the world. God declares in the Bible - 'to save sinners'. Christ died for us - the ungodly. God is willing to save all who come to Him.

Two things are needed. One - an awareness and admission of our guiltiness before God. This infers we accept that we are not capable of improving our moral state and indicates that we understand that God would be within His rights to hold us accountable for our behavior/ beliefs and to judge us for our sins. Two - faith towards God. That accepting His way of salvation (i.e. the Lord Jesus) as the only means of our redemption.

Would you come this way and know life. The price was paid for in the death of the Lord Jesus. Salvation is still on offer. I hope you repent and believe the gospel.

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