Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New 'Naked' X-Ray Machine

It sounds like a joke but it is quite the opposite. Manchester Airport took delivery recently of a new type of x-ray machine. It's novelty is this - it captures a naked image of passengers so that staff can spot if they are hiding explosives or weapons. An airport spokesman described the images as quite revealing. This is an alternative to being 'patted down' by security staff which I am told that most passengers do not like. Whatever you think of this new machine the aim is to expose potential sources of danger and to prevent terrorism. We all like the outcome despite our sensitivity to the process.

The truth is that none of us likes to be exposed even if essentially we have nothing to hide. It makes us feel vunerable.

The Bible teaches us that before God we will all be exposed; not physically but spiritually. The secrets of our hearts will be brought out into the open on the day of judgement (Romans 2.16). Another passage in the letter to the Hebrews teaches us that there is no one that God does not know inside out and that everything about us is exposed under His penetrating gaze (Hebrews 4.13).

It would be wise to listen to the voice of God now and accept His offer of forgiveness though faith in Jesus Christ than to wait until it is too late and hear those soul chilling words 'depart from me'. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

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