Friday, November 20, 2009

Tragedy from flooding

The recent flooding which has overtaken the region of Cumbria again over the last twenty four hours is quite distressing. Many of the folk in the area were aware that the floods were coming and were trusting that the defense mechanisms that had been put in place since the last period of flooding would be effective. Sadly for many this was not the case.

I had a friend phone the day before the floods to ask us to pray. He was not only asking us to pray for him but for his neighbours. He said that he had peace that his God would hold him up if the worst came. He is a believer, he lives for the next life having turned from his sins many years ago and lives today in the joy of salvation and with the prospect of heaven when life is over. My friend wanted us to pray for his neighbours as he was not sure how they would stand up to such severe disappointment and distress once again.

If everything in your world was to go wrong how would you survive? Are you living for something that is of lasting value. Have you come to realise yet that this world is passing and all it has to offer will be finished one day. The Bible says 'he who does the will of God remains for ever'.

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