Friday, March 19, 2010

Are Christians good adverts for Christianity?

Good question? Here's another one. Is Christianity in principle wholesome? Clearly from reading the New Testament - Yes. Indeed very strongly yes.

But back to Christians. If I asked you what your mental picture of a Christian was I wonder what you would say? The bible teaches that Christians should be like their Saviour - the Lord Jesus Christ. That's a pretty tall order but in essence that's the biblical truth of following Christ. The purpose of God is to change Christians and make them like the Lord Jesus in thinking and in behaviour.

How is this possible you may be thinking! For this reason. God credits a believing person with righteousness because of the death and resurrection of Christ. That is he legally deals with our sin and guilt and as a result the Christian has an acceptable status in the sight of God. God also guarantees that on the day of redemption (when the Christian dies or the Lord Jesus returns to take the 'church' to heaven) that they will be made perfect not just in principle but in practice.

In the meantime God is working with believers every day (as much as the believers lets Him) to change them and mature them to be and behave like the Lord Jesus.

I am a believer and do not feel I do too well in this respect but I wouldn't change my place with anyone even a lottery winner. What about you? Are you saved or do you still face the prospect of God's judgement for sin. Don't let a bad example of Christianity put you off discovering the most life changing experience you could ever have.

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