Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The world it is a changing!

Anyone who does not see vast changes in the world must be walking round with their eyes closed. Air traffic stopped by volcanic ash, world economies struggling, coalition governments trying to grapple with massive issues, oil slicks that look like it will take generations to sort. Is this normal? Well we know it's not but things have never looked quite like this.

The Bible states that many dramatic and unbelievable things will happen in the world in the last days. A quick read of the book of Revelation describes events on earth that at one stage most people might have thought impossible - I am not so sure if people think that now.

The Bible predicts the coming again of the Lord Jesus to this planet but it also states that He will come to collect Christians before that coming (called the snatching away or the rapture). Today's blog is written to ask you simply - are you ready? Prepare to meet your God was the great warning of the Old Testament. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ is the answer found in the New Testament to save people and make them ready.

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