Friday, July 16, 2010

Preaching on the streets

We have had a lot of abuse this week for preaching on the streets of Liverpool. I must be honest I find it quite strange that people get so excited about something that they say they do not believe in. If God is a figment of my imagination and the message is a relic founded in superstition then why not let the fools who preach get on with it. Harmless nutters at the best, time wasters at the worst.

I would love someone to tell what it basically wrong with Christianity? Ok it defines wrong and upholds a moral framework. It states that there is a moral law and a therefore a lawgiver. It defines life as having meaning and maintains that there is an existence after death. In this life it states that goodness, kindness, pureness, honesty, truth, care, courage, accountability, law abiding activity be the practice in an individual's life. In addition it admits that we are flawed and provides a redeemer/Saviour who accounts for our wrong and takes on the debt offering forgiveness and freedom to all who choose to admit their need and accept the offer.

I can't think of a better type of life and a more comprehensive offer anywhere else.

Maybe the problem is the honesty of the message strikes a cord with the reality of our lives. What do you think, write and let me know.

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