Monday, February 21, 2011

A dignified old lady goes to heaven

I have just attended a funeral today. The lady who had died was in her eighty fourth year. The service was well attended, a clear indication of the respect and love that people had for her. This lady was born in Brazil, the daughter of a missionary couple from Liverpool. She had trained as a nurse and a midwife and was famous for the care that she showed to all who came into contact with her. In her latter years she had become proficient in using a computer and was know in Liverpool for answering school children's questions on line about God and faith. All in all, a life well lived and worthwhile.

Is that it? Where is she now? Well her family are not sure for sadly they do not seem enjoy the faith that she had. They spoke of her dedication, love and strong principles but seem to have missed the point that without faith in Jesus Christ she would not have been the woman she was. They did not even mention her faith, just her strong principles and natural qualities.

Jesus said, what is the advantage in being successful and losing your soul. He also said that eternal life is to know the only true God and Jesus Christ. If it was your funeral what would they say? Where would you be now? I am glad that I know. I am glad that I have a sure and certain hope. You can be too. If you would like to know more give me a call or text me on 07747 101352, or e-mail me on If you would rather just ponder these things for yourself get a bible, start in the New Testament and ask God to open the eyes of your understanding. If you want to listen to some short talks try God bless, Stephen

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