Friday, April 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I have just arrived home after a week of work in Northern Ireland. It was a busy week with lots of activity and I really enjoyed the time away. Despite meeting new and interesting people, seeing new places and having the opportunity to gain a little insight into how other people think it is always good to come home. Home for most of us has a special attraction.

It's where we feel most comfortable, we don't need to be on our best behaviour and we are loved unconditionally. At home you don't feel the urge to explain yourself or to watch what you say. Home is a wonderful place. I am aware that for many home can be a difficult place but God intended it to be a safe and secure environment where all of the above and much more is true.

While I was in Ireland I attended the funeral of an elderly gentleman. He was in his mid to late eighties. He was a Christian gentleman and was well known in the community. The funeral was a large affair with over 250 attending. One of the things that was said about the passing away of this man was that though he had died he was now 'at home with the Lord'. The truth is that he had only died physically but his soul is now in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in heaven - the verse from the bible that was quoted was "absent from the body but present with the Lord'. A statement that is only true of those who have accepted the gift of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

This is the ultimate homecoming! It is great to come home on earth but the homecoming of the believer in Jesus Christ when the individual leaves earth and arrives in heaven is indescribable.

I wonder what your departure from earth will be like. Will it be an abundant entrance into the presence of the Lord Jesus or a fearful waiting in Hell for the judgment of God. It is possible to be saved and safe. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

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God bless you this week, Stephen.

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