Saturday, June 18, 2011

The cities of the nations fell - Revelation 16:19

I have a friend who is moving to London to tell people about the gospel of Jesus Christ and the saving grace of God. It is a big thing to do both in terms of moving your family, giving up your business and sacrificing many things that people think are their personal rights. Why would he do such a thing?

The Bible tell us (and I know my friend believes it) that one day God will judge the world. His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, will be the Judge and all the world will face God. Ultimately people who have died will come back to life (Daniel 12/John 5) and they too will face the day of Judgment.

HOWEVER - the bible teaches that before that happens many world wide catastrophies will take place. One of these will be that cities will be destroyed by God (Rev.16.19). My friend is going to warn of coming judgement and of personal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Are you ready?

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