Saturday, July 09, 2011

What a week!

I have just finished a week of bible teaching and evangelism in Scotland. The Ayrshire Youth Camp kindly invited me for the third year running (no more now they say - we have had enough - very wise!). The aim of the camp is give young people a holiday and to introduce them to the message of the bible. We had a great week.

Weather - pretty bad most of the time but the leadership had great flexibility and foresight to use the facilities well. I never heard anyone complain that they didn't have a great time. I worked with an amazing group of young people who have given a week (and a lot more in terms of energy, planning, commitment and money) to serve the Lord Jesus and introduce people to him.

Food - I’d like to see what I weight I am when I get home. I lost a stone and a quarter in the last 18 months. I am just hoping that I haven’t put too much of that back on again. The food was good.

Friends - as at all of these events you renew old friendships and make new ones. This week was no different. It is the most amazing thing to be a Christian. The bond you have with those who are also Christians is amazing and cannot be replicated in any other sphere.

Spiritual - by this I mean things relating to the word of God (the Bible), salvation, joy and peace in believing the gospel and the joy of worshipping the true and living God. I have to be honest. Although I really enjoying speaking this week I thought that things were a little bit dead until Thursday. Don’t get me wrong. There were things to encourage. Some people felt that God was challenging them to live for him and give him their all - that in it’s self is a great outcome. But on Thursday we really experienced the Lord working. A number of people were convicted of their sins and recognized that salvation is only to be found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Seeing people get saved is a work of God and there is a joy in this that cannot be matched in any other way.

As you read this you may find it all very strange. If you have never heard the voice of God in your soul you will be unaware of what I am talking about. The fact that you are reading this may give some indication that you are searching. Please read some of my other blogs to find out your need of God’s salvation and how this is made available to you through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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