Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Update - 23/3/12

I am very conscious that a blog is really meant to be an on-line diary. I can very easily fall into the trap of mine becoming a series of short messages about Christianity. Being honest my aim is to spread the message of the bible and the Lord Jesus and as many of you know I use the internet a lot to do this. On a Friday I record a VBlog (video blog), a podcast and write my blog. On a Tuesday/Wednesday I record a bible teaching VBlog for a website called Digital Sojourner - I am currently working my way through the letter of Paul to Titus. The items are then promoted through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Netlog and Linkedin on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. The links are as follows (apart from this one as you are here already):

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My week.

This week has been as hectic as ever. I have been working in a few schools recently with the children explaining the uniqueness of Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ. We had an exciting day on Tuesday at one of the two weekly street meetings when a man there and then decided to become a follower of Jesus Christ. After he had thanked God for sending His Son to die for him on the cross and confessing his sins to God he went round the people nearby telling them that he had just been saved and his sins were forgiven. What an amazing joy to be forgiven.

The various bible teaching meetings that I have been involved in keep me on my toes. We ended one series of bible teaching on how God has communicated to humankind over millennia. The final stage of God's dealings with humanity see a forgiven and redeemed people living eternally either in the New Jerusalem, a heaven based place, or on earth. For the bible teaches that there will one day be 'new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells' (2.Peter.3.12 - ESV).

Well I had better go and get on with the next job - study for meetings at the weekend, bills to pay, editing to do and a bit of grass cutting if I'm not careful!

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