Saturday, July 14, 2012

My daughter's Graduation Ceremony

This week was an exciting week for me. I witnessed my daughter graduate and receive a prize for all the hard work she put in at University over the last four years. I left school at 16 with barely 5 o'levels to my name and would not count myself to be overly intelligent by any stretch of the imagination. So it was a thrill to see my daughter achieve her personal best and to do so well matching up the brains God had given her with the hard work and effort that she chose to put in to her course.

I'll not name the university in case I get into trouble for commenting on the procedures that took place that day but some of the stuff was extremely impressive and some was incredibly funny. For instance I enjoyed watching the chair of the graduation ceremony and the various speakers donning their hats one to another at various stages in the proceedings. The style of some of the students or graduanes as they were known was amazing to say the least. Some of the girls could barely walk with the height of the heels that they were wearing and others could barely contain their excitement at arriving at this stage in their life. I heard whoops and catcalls from the guests and witnessed people so excited that they had reached this stage in their life that they almost danced across the stage. I must temper these comments by pointing out that these acts really were the exception and that most people behaved with a high degree of sophistication and the appropriate sense of occasion.

Lots more could be added to this description. Many other things that went on later in the day, at a prizegiving, were very interesting to watch but I will refrain. Save to say this hard work pays - congratulations to all who achieved so highly.

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