Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Health Centres Springing up everywhere

New Health Centres seem to be springing up all over Liverpool. This one has lots of trendy wording on it. The pool of life, Liver, etc.

We crave for good #health which is a good thing. Spiritually we also need good health as the bible describes us as spiritually #sick (Isaiah 1). The Lord Jesus once commented that only sick people seek #medical services. His point was that only people who recognised their spiritual malaise and sickness will seek his help.

He still says "Come unto me". Are you willing to admit you need his help. Sins forgiven and peace with God are still on offer. The only question is - will you come?


All posts have the aim of pointing people to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour or to aid Christian growth and development.

Location:Edge Lane, Liverpool


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