Saturday, December 07, 2013

Nothing can change me - that's the way I am! True or False?

Please read the bible quote and the comments at the end - thanks.

The caricature of national characteristics does not go down well with the
members of the nation being described. 

To call the Scots mean is not only insulting but untrue. 
To call the Irish stupid is equalling insulting and any brief visit to the Emerald Isle
will reveal that in terms of making money they are far from stupid.  I could go on
but I'd rather have some friends when I have finished writing this piece! 

So what is my point?

In the chapter quoted above the residents of Crete are described as 'liars, violent and
greedy", not guaranteed to endear one to the nationals but one that seems to have been
commonly accepted in the days of the New Testament; I am sure that things have changed
drastically since then. 

The point that the writer is making is that becoming a follower of Jesus Christ (also
described as getting saved or being converted) completely changes a person and
counteracts what we are naturally. 

I whole heartedly recommend turning from your sin and accepting Christ as your Lord and
Saviour. To find out more read some of my previous blogs or visit me on


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