Thursday, March 06, 2014

This could be a one off opportunity!

A Special Event

For the next two weeks you can hear each evening a simple explanation about Christianity.

The following points will be covered:

Why we believe the bible?
Why God is the creator?
Why we are answerable to God?
Why we all do wrong and what the consequences are for us?
Who Jesus really was?
Why the claim that Jesus, alone, is the Saviour of the world is valid?
The consequences of not being a Christian will be explained?

I hope that you will be able up join us. If you can’t please read our blog updates and if you are a Christian please pray.


DATES – 9th MARCH 2014 to 20th MARCH 2014 (excluding Fridays)

TIMES: First Sunday 6.30 pm/Second Sunday 5 pm
All other dates @ 7.30 pm

Come and discover the truth.


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