Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Good Friday

It's Good Friday

What was so good about this day that it has been permanently given this tag?

There doesn't seem too much that is good about a man being falsely accused, illegally tried and condemned to death on a cross!

That is all true until you consider why it all took place. This wasn't solely the intentions and actions of men. God was involved and indeed had planned the death of His Son to the last detail. You might think that this is a morbid way of looking at the death of Christ; but it's the truth as recorded in the word of God (the Bible).

We plan lots of events such as weddings and holidays and we might reluctantly plan a funerals but few plan their own death and if they do it's because of very sad reasons. The Father, Son and the Spirit (God) planned the death of the Lord Jesus (the Son of God) ) for very good and unavoidable reasons - there was no other way to clear the guilt of sin, maintain the holy standards of God, redeem sinful man and populate heaven (there are more, these are just some examples).

There are many verses that state this clearly in the bible. I'll leave you to look them up - John 3:16 , Mark 10:45, Romans 3:19-26 to name a few.

The biggest challenge we all face is what we do with this information. The clear commands of scripture are:

Call upon the name of the Lord.

Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ

Confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead.

The result is the same every time - you will be saved, safe and blessed for ever.

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