Wednesday, December 13, 2023

A Christmas Poem - The Meaning of Christmas.


In heaven above 
Before time had begun
The will of the Father 
Concerning the Son
Was to send Him from heaven 
To this world below
So that people from this earth
To heaven might go

Now you might be wondering
The reason and why
We preach about Jesus 
And heaven when you die
It's because we've a problem 
It's common to all 
It started with Adam, his sin and the fall 

For in the beginning
God, Adam did form
The world was quite perfect 
No wrong was the norm
But sadly we know now
This all was to go
In Adam's rebellion
Our death he did sow

But in the word Christmas
Does the name Christ appear
It's something you can't miss
At this time of the year
It's all about Jesus 
And His birth long ago
So that you off to heaven
At some stage might go

But it's not just the birthday
Of Jesus that's good
It's His suffering in death
And His shedding of blood
That purchased salvation 
So that you could be free
And enjoy great salvation 
Like many others and me

So as you reflect on
This message of grace
Will you consider the offer
That God brings to this place 
Your soul is important 
And life is not long 
So turn from your sin
And trust in God's Son


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