Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Traditions - The Daily Diary of a Bible Blogger

Across the world there are different traditions that people practice when celebrating Christmas. Most people feel that no one tradition is right; you and I may agree or disagree.  

However when it comes to our views and beliefs about Jesus Christ biblical orthodoxy is essential. If you do not believe what the scriptures say about the Lord Jesus you cannot be saved and you are worse than that, antichrist and a deceiver. 

As Joshua once said 'choose ye this day whom you will serve', Joshua 24:15. 

Christmas Eve Traditions

People in Iceland especially love giving books as presents on Christmas Eve, so recipients can spend the evening reading.

In nearby Finland, people spend a long time in the sauna on Christmas Eve. 

In Norway, people hide their brooms so Christmas Eve witches don't steal them.

Today in southern Louisiana, USA people will light massive bonfires to guide Santa Claus to their homes. 

Families in Italy will gather for a feast of seven different seafood dishes. 

In France and Germany, children will leave their shoes by the fireplace or the window to be filled with presents from St. Nick.



Unknown said...

The Mighty God Jesus Christ of Nazareth descended on Easter day as Father & He himself are same. So God is Ominipotent , Ominicient & Ominipresent & showing He is in all. Presence to be also felt as Flesh (Bread) of him & Blood as Red Wine which we take on every Sacroment Day ,feeling our whoal body as (His) Lord's.Amen!?$ praise The Lord Halaludghia .Amen.?

Unknown said...

Praise The Lord. Halaludghia .Amen.!?$

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