Thursday, April 28, 2016

London Transport

I've spent the last two weeks using the London Transport system. I'm very impressed! Things seem to work like clockwork most of the time. 

Any large city transport system like London Transport have to get things right – the stakes are too high! Oyster Cards, Underground, Overland, Buses all synchronised and working together. Much is done every day to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  Preparation and review takes place on an ongoing basis behind the scenes to ensure the public's safety and well being. 

Can I remind you of something else which was planned and organised for a long time before it took place. I am talking about the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. If you have read this so far and are about move on please bear with me. Read a little more before you decide what you think!

The death of Jesus was to rid the universe of evil in every form. Jesus’ death was a full and final payment for evil to demonstrate that God is still holy and that we humans can be forgiven and be right before God. Are you still with me? 

Evil is in the world in a general sense but evil is also in the heart of the individual. You might agree with the former comment and disagree with the latter! The Bible says ‘the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it,’ Jeremiah 17:8. Please keep reading! You may be thinking – is it actually possible or realistic to rid the world of evil? This world has grappled with the problem of evil since the earliest days of planet earth. 

Evil did not evolve! The question is where did it come from and why is it so normal? The Bible explains! The reason why evil exists and has such a devastating effect on the world is given in Romans chapter five verse twelve -  ‘by one man sin entered into the world and death by sin so death has passed upon all men’. The first human being, Adam, was well warned! God had told him the rules and consequences of disobedience. ‘For in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die,’ Genesis 2:17. And so that's what happened. 

Evil is so normal we use a variety of words to describe it. Sin, imperfection, failure or shortcomings. Evil exists in every department of life. It affects the environment, the financial world, relationships, health, education, politics; indeed everything. 

Preparation has to be made on daily basis to avoid the effect of evil on London Transport. No way you say. 

Security systems are in place, barriers exist so that you only get through if you have paid the fare, staff undertake security checks, transport police are on standby to deal with any incidents as are paramedics who are ready to cope with illness, tragedy or any similar event. In fact much goes on behind the scenes to prevent disaster and tragedy because it's the only way to cope with the evil that is so normal in society. It has ever been so; this is not a modern phenomenon! 

God’s plan of salvation was triggered when Christ died for our sins. The effect of what Christ has done can only be felt personally at the moment. Individuals can benefit from the blessing of forgiveness and be saved when they repent (turn from) their sin and ‘believe the gospel’, Mark 1:15. 

In the future (after the Lord Jesus returns to Earth as promised) God will deal with evil on a wider scale. God has appointed a day in which he will judge the world in righteousness, Acts 17:31 but for now he is holding back his judgment and offering salvation to anyone who calls upon his name, Romans 10:13. 

Today in London there is a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure people’s safety and the smooth running of the transport system. So God is working behind the scenes to bring eternal blessing into your life. 

Will you entrust the salvation of your soul to Him?

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