Sunday, August 07, 2016

Being a good citizen

What a fantastic day! It was really hot in Liverpool. I had been out on the streets of St Helens preaching at a Street Meeting with a couple of friends. We have a life changing message. If we do not get out and tell people about it we would be very selfish. Not everyone sees it the way we do. Some people on the streets think that we are imposing our views on them. Others are not really interested in anything apart from what they can see. Do you think that we should be going out to tell people the message from the Bible or do you think we should just believe what we believe and keep it to ourselves?

If I had a cure for cancer I would be a very selfish person if I did not make it available to all cancer sufferers. If you were in financial danger and were not aware of it (and I was) I would be very selfish if I did not talk to you about it. Good news and solutions to problems should be shared. One of the downsides of the busy modern age is that we have become very impersonal. Community and family in the past meant we shared a lot more and helped each other. There are still as many nice people in the world now but we tend to keep ourselves to ourselves. On occasions this has developed to the stage where we are not aware of others needs and we fail to raise the alarm when we spot people in difficulty.

I believe that as a citizen I should be responsible and responsive when I see people in need. The need might be as small as helping them in a shop or smiling when I meet them; it might be as big as being there when disaster strikes in some way in their lives. This is what being a neighbour and a responsible citizen is all about. However I also believe that this principle applies in the realm of beliefs and spiritual health. The entire human race is mortal and we all need to face up to our personal mortality. The Bible has been given to us to communicate the way of salvation and eternal life. The creator God has revealed salvation in His Son, Jesus Christ. Christ died to pay the price for our sin and was raised to life again to establish God’s satisfaction that the price for sin has been made in full. It is a foolproof salvation but if people are ignorant of the danger that they are in and we do not tell them they will face the ultimate eternal disaster – ‘the second death’.

Search the scriptures to find the truth, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

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