Monday, October 17, 2016

What Britons believe about God!

What Britons believe about God!

A recent survey concluded that Britons are more likely to believe in ghosts and karma than a Creator. It’s probably important to note, however, that ‘Christian’ is a cultural identification for many. Last year, YouGov found that only 55 per cent of self-identified Christians believe a God exists.

In fact it would seem that in British society a trend of ‘christianaphobia’ is rising. Christianity is accused of some amazing things. A couple of years ago, in a large circulation Regional Newspaper in England, Christianity was accused of being the source of the 'tide of disrespect engulfing us'. Is this really an honest assessment?

The impact of Christianity on the world is indisputable! Following the principles Jesus taught produced social reform, improved education, the development of science and medicine and influenced literature and philosophy!

The consequences of failing to follow the teachings of Jesus will be catastrophic both for society and the individual! The Bible teaches that Jesus will return to earth one day to judge the world righteously, Acts 17:31. All wrong will be judged; sadly unbelief in God, and his Son Jesus, is one of those wrongs that will qualify. 

This may seem harsh but essentially unbelief is the worst crime of all because of what it leads to. 

God is light therefore unbelief leaves you in moral darkness. 
God is truth therefore unbelief leaves you with all that is false. 
God is life therefore unbelief leaves you with death. 
God is holy therefore unbelief leaves you with sins unforgiven.

Ultimately unbelief leads to all the depravity that we readily accept is wrong and harmful. Thankfully today we all have the opportunity to 'believe in the Lord Jesus Christ'. In that day it will be too late.

In closing I want to pass on a ‘Global Warning,’ (excuse the pun)! This is not about the effect of the mismanagement of our planet and its resources, important though that is, but about an issue which has a longer lasting effect. This planet will come to the end of it's life cycle one day, see 2 Peter 3. However our souls will never die! The warning is that if we do not actively get back to God then we will find that we are, on death, forever at a distance from God and all that God is i.e. love, justice, peace etc. 

How can we come to God? The answer is in seeking the Lord while he may be found, repenting of our sin (turning away from it) and placing our personal trust in Jesus Christ.

The scripture teaches - 'Christ died for our sins....and that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day,' 1 Corinthians 15.3,4.

The solution is to 'repent and believe the gospel,' Mark 1.15.

May you come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour as a result of considering these thoughts from the Bible. 

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