Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Introduction to the subject of Headship

Christ the Head

Most of us understand the term, ‘The Head’. If we were at school we would use it to describe the most senior person in the school. In large businesses it is used to describe the “chief executive” or “chairman” of the organization. If we say someone is “heading up” something we would usually understand that this means that they are leading and directing and ultimately responsible for the way things are done.

The Bible speaks on a number of occasions about the Lord Jesus Christ as ‘The Head’. Three references are found in Ephesians, three in Colossians and one in First Corinthians.

First Corinthians eleven defines the order that God has designed for the blessing of mankind. This order has broken down in society at large but can be recovered in the gatherings of the Church. In Ephesians the fact of Christ as Head of the church is related to the work of Calvary, the resurrection and the glory that the Lord received on his ascension. The second reference in Ephesians stresses the dependence that the body (the Church) has on the Head for growth and the third reference reminds us that the Head is the one who preserves and cares for the body.

When we read through Colossians we find that we are being taught about the credentials of the Head. Firstly it strikes you that the one who is the Head of the church is an outstanding character. The accolades that are attributed to him make this very clear. The next reference teaches us that Christ is the head of every type of authority. The final reference in Colossians teaches us that the Lord is the means of the unity of the Church. Manmade unity does not work; the Church can only be united as one body because Christ is the Head.

It is our delight to be linked to such a wonderful Saviour. He is not the failing Head of a Church appointed by failing men but he is the Christ, the Son of the living God. We need him, we worship him, and there is no Church without him. As you read these further studies my prayer is that you will grow in your appreciation of the one who is our Head.


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