Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ukraine Trip Day 3

Today was a busy one. We had a good breakfast of omelettes at 0745 and then some of the group headed off to assist in the ‘sandwich making factory’! Feeding 112 people twice is quite a task. It was all done very well and to a high standard. 

The conference meetings started at 1030 with two Bible Teaching slots. I read and spoke on Psalm 37 about the seeming unfairness of life when bad people prosper and good people get it tough. Steve Buckeridge followed by speaking about the present work of the Lord Jesus on the believer’s behalf in heaven. It is so encouraging to know that we have a Saviour who is looking after us from heaven. He watches over us, acts on our behalf if and when we sin and draws along side us in the difficulties of life.

This session was followed by a coffee/drinks break after which a children’s event took place. Thomas was speaking again. This time he took the children around the walls of Jericho. It was exciting stuff? We were reminded that the Lord Jesus is still a Saviour and a Deliverer like Joshua was back in the day. 

Lunch followed this session. In the afternoon we had a report from Steve Buckeridge on the work that he and Judy are involved in with an emphasis on the Chaplaincy work they do in Heathrow Airport. Departure and arrivals can be happy and sad events reminding us of the start and end of life. We are all on a journey and preparations that need to be made. The advice once given to an ancient people was ‘prepare to meet thy God’. This wisdom is still as relevant as ever. 

The evening session was Bible Teaching and I finished teaching on Psalm 37. It was another happy and productive day. God was honoured and I pray that many souls were blessed as a result. 

Yours through Grace,


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