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What if God really does care?

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Do you ever wonder why a God of love could allow all the tragedies that occur in the world? Does it anger you that so many people seem to suffer for no apparent reason?


Do you question whether God really does care?


I must tell you that it never was God’s intention that humans should suffer. When God created Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden of Eden it was a place of tranquillity, in fact “everything in the garden was lovely”. They enjoyed the blessing of a personal God. Their circumstances could not have been more idyllic. They lived in a prosperous earth with everything under their control.


So why are things so bad now?


To answer this question, we must look back to the beginning of human history. There was no suffering of any kind then. Why? - because there was no sin.


The right of every human being to make a free choice had not as yet been used to disobey God. However, very early on this did happen and sin became a reality. The Bible puts it very clearly: “by one man (Adam) sin entered into the world and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned” [1].  Adam had been well warned of the awful consequences of disobedience: a great distance between man and God, human suffering of every kind, and ultimately death. The physical world would also be affected. We can see plenty evidences of all these things around us.


The cause of suffering lies with man, not with God.


The Bible teaches us that it is all the result of man’s fallen and sinful nature. Our suffering is as hurtful to God as it is to us. He sees and knows our present sufferings, even how bad yours might be today.


But there is something else – you need to consider the future. God tells us that there is no suffering or sorrow in heaven [2]. However, if we die without His salvation we will suffer forever in hell because of our sin [3].


We cannot solve the problem of our sins by ourselves, but God has done that for us. He sent His only Son, Jesus “into the world to save sinners” [4]. God giving His Son to die for our sins is the greatest possible evidence of His love.


Why Jesus? Because the person who would die for sin must Himself be sinless! Only one person qualified - God’s own Son, Jesus Christ. His death paid the price for sin. When He rose from the dead it proved that God had accepted that price He paid on the cross. As a result God can offer forgiveness to everyone.


But why doesn’t God sort it all out now?


Can’t He remove sickness and suffering and make life a lot more pleasant for all of us now? Why does He not act now?


Here are some reasons: 

  • What God is doing just now is offering salvation to everyone. That offer will be withdrawn some day and then He will judge the world and then deal with all the miserable effects of sin.


  • People often learn lessons through the hard circumstances of life. They can miss what God is saying to them when life is smooth and easy.


  • Even although you live in a world of suffering, you can enjoy personal salvation now. The death of the Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary provides this salvation for you here and now.


Will you take up God’s offer of forgiveness?


To do so, you need to admit to God that you have wronged Him. Then turn from your sin (reject it and leave it behind), and believe in (trust) the Lord Jesus. He is the only one who can offer you forgiveness. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved” [5].




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