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Who can you trust?

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We are promised much in life by so many. These promises do not always come to fruition. Would it not be wonderful if you knew who you could trust and to know that someone you trusted was 100% reliable?

The prophet Zechariah wrote, directed by God's Spirit, 500 years before the Lord Jesus was here. He wrote about a king coming in a lowly way and being transported unusually. The Bible predicted that the Lord Jesus would ride into Jerusalem on a donkey’s foal and join several Bible prophecies together. The Bible even predicted the day.

Right on that day, the Lord Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the foal of a donkey. It is astounding how accurate the predictions are and the period of time between the prophecy and its fulfilment.

Really though, we should not be surprised; we should be reassured! The Bible is God’s Word, it is true, and as such, it will be accurate, and we can trust each and every word.

When the Lord Jesus entered the city, the people recognised the prophecy and hailed Jesus as king. They threw their coats on the road for the donkey to ride over and waved palm branches and shouted ‘Hosanna’, which means ‘save us!’

They had their own idea about how that should be done. They wanted Jesus to recruit an army and rise up to overthrow what they saw as the biggest problem that they had, the Romans!

They wanted Him to be their king and to wear the crown of the king of Israel.

The people failed to see their biggest problem; they failed to see that the God who ensured the prophecy was fulfilled would meet their need in His own way. They thought they knew best; they failed to trust God.

There would be a crown, but a very different one than the one they envisaged.

The prophet Isaiah said that each of us is like a straying sheep; we wander away from God and go our own way. Rather than following God’s way, we take the crown and put it on our own head, and thinking we know best, we rebel against God’s way, which is sin. We deserve to face the punishment of our sin.

But God so loved us and sent His Son for us. The Lord Jesus Christ was sent by the Father God to be the Saviour of the world. For this, He had to go to the cross. He wore a crown, not one of gold and rubies, but one of the thick eastern thorns. He should have had an orb and sceptre, objects of power in His hands, but He took nails through them. He should have had the finest royal robes, but He was crucified in shame on a cross. He should have been surrounded by His people adoring Him, but the crowds cried for Him to be crucified.

Why did He choose this? So, we as sinners could be forgiven! So, we could escape the punishment of sin, so we could enter Heaven.

How is this all possible? It is possible because the sinless Son of God bore our sin in His body on the cross. He died for us, and we can be forgiven by trusting in Him. The Bible makes a simple but profound statement ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved!’

To be saved from sin, we must trust in the Son of God.  Is it not wonderful that the One we must trust has proved to us His trustworthiness in the accuracy of the Bible. Do you trust in Him?

Messages with Meaning (03/03/21)
Written by Stuart Scammell for Your542Day

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