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20th July 1969 - Remember!!

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I was reminded while reading yesterday of the events of July 20th, 1969. Those that owned a television or at least knew someone who did gathered around it to watch something that was a ‘giant leap for mankind’, Man stepped off this planet and on to the nearest piece of rock to the earth in this enormous universe. It was a huge scientific achievement; humans travelled the 384,400 km to step foot on the moon and leave a footprint in the dust. That footprint is still there, it has not been removed as on the moon there is no wind or rain to disturb it.
Although wonderful, there is a far greater fact about footprints, and it is that the footprint of Jesus Christ ever marked the Judean dust 2000 years ago. Man travelled a huge distance to enquire and discover. God travelled a far greater distance to rescue and demonstrate infinite love.

The 20th July will always be to many a significant day due to the moon landings. It is a significant day for me too, it happens to be my birthday, I received 5 cards and around 50 greetings of social media. Not that many when we compare it to the 6 or 7 billion people on this planet. That is because to all but a few I am not notable. But I was to God! God looked at mankind and said, ‘There is none righteous, no not one!’ God has a righteous anger against our sin but loves us the sinners. I am convinced of this, because God’s love is unconditional and immense, if I was the only sinner Jesus Christ would have gone to the cross and died for me.

There is a more significant date than the 20th of July to me, it is the 8th March 1980. This is not the day I was born, but the day I was born again! This is a phrase that the Lord Jesus used showing that we can all receive new birth for God. On the 8th March 1980 as a young boy I realised I was a sinner and in fact deserving of punishment. I can remember hearing of the love of the Lord Jesus and how I needed to respond because He was coming back again to take those that love Him and are trusting in Him to be with Him. I knew I was not ready; I knew I had never done anything about my sin, I knew that stubbornly I was putting off being saved. But on the 8th March I confessed to God that I was a sinner and thanked God for Jesus Christ dying,  taking my punishment and I trusted in Him. I knew peace with God. My past sins, present sins and even my future sins were all forgiven and I would be with my Saviour for all eternity! What a day that was! Although it passes each year with no one really knowing apart from myself on that day angels rejoiced the Bible teaches and God wrote my name in a book called the Book of Life. This means that I am saved, safe and blessed. 

What about you?  Do you remember a time when you confessed to God that you were a sinner and trusted in what the Lord Jesus did for us? If not, you need to before it is too late. We have no guarantee of tomorrow, and the Lord Jesus may even return today. Do not put it off. Have today as your momentous day, the day you accepted God’s love, the day your sin was forgiven, the day that your name was written in the Book of Life.

Messages with Meaning (21/07/21) Written by Stuart Scammell for Your542Day 

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