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Cadbury’s Chocolate

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The name Cadbury is associated, in many peoples minds, with their range of chocolate products but there is more to their story than the production of sweet confectionery.

In 1879 George and Richard Cadbury moved their factory out of the centre of Birmingham into the healthy clear air of the rural Bournbrook Estate. George Cadbury was appalled at the terrible living conditions of workers in the city and he wanted better lives for those he employed. So alongside the new factory a village was constructed. The brothers adopted a french sounding name Bournville, for the area, as France had a good reputation for food and they thought that this might help in boosting sales of their products.

An Architect was employed to design the village. Rules were strict, each house was not to occupy more than a quarter of the building plot. Gardens had to be not less than one sixth of an acre and have at least six fruit trees.
Over the years the village has grown, some areas being developed in partnership with other organizations. A college and school were also built, together with attractive shops. George Cadbury visited Bruges in Belgium and was very impressed with a Carillion he saw and heard. This was a set of bells sounded from a keyboard and he brought one back to Bournville to be located in a tower on the top of the school, and it is still played regularly today.

A manor house, to the east of Birmingham, was taken down and rebuilt as Selly Manor at Bournville.

A particular feature of Bournville is the absence of any public houses or any other outlet for the sale of alcoholic drink. The Cadburys, being Quakers, would not tolerate such things. The village has enjoyed being such an attractive  and much sought after place to live in. Its environment is carefully managed by the Bournville Village Trust, who are the guardians of this remarkable legacy of the Cadbury family.

You may think that this is some kind of utopia which is the key to a happy, contented and healthy life. What more would people want? Surely the residents would be fully satisfied for the rest of their lives in such a place as this. The whole area appears to answer everyone's need but the people of Bournville are no different to you or I. They still have their problems and above all, like every other person, they have a vital personal need.

Although there is so much good about Bournville Village the people themselves need to be right with God and know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, as we must too. Wherever we live and whoever we are, the Bible says we are all born in sin and we cannot save ourselves from it or its consequences. This is why the Lord Jesus Christ came into the world to die on the cross at Calvary to put away forever your sin and mine. By repentance and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour you will be saved from your sin forever and have the wonderful free gift of eternal life.

Remember you will one day no longer look out on the area in which you live, whether it’s like the fine suburb of Bournville or a poor desolate area. So will you be looking upon the Glory of Heaven or somewhere far removed?


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