Wednesday, June 13, 2007

God sees me - wow!

In Liverpool, at the moment, there is a big tent in Sefton Park. It is at the entrance near St Hilda's School. If you are anywhere near Liverpool you should come and have a look.

What is it all about? Well some Christians in Liverpool are so excited about the fact that God wants to bring salvation to the people of Liverpool that they have erected the Tent in the Park for the month of June.

Each night there is a session at 8 p.m. apart from Saturday when it is at 7 p.m.

What will you find if you go? You meet will people who are already believers (not just in God but they have personally believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and have been saved (if you do not know what that means then come along - the good news is all about clearing our guilt before God, about getting our sins forgiven, about peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ). You will also meet people who do not believe (yet) but are interested in finding out the truth.

The guy who is preaching is pretty dogmatic, clear in his thinking, approachable, interested in helping people come to God. Actually he has dedicated his life to preaching this message (i.e. he gave up his job and spends all his time doing this).

If you come ask for me, if I am there I would love to have a chat.

See you there, Stephen

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