Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Expecting the unexpected

Life is so unpredictable. At times this can be very exciting and sometimes it can be very frightening.

We knew that the rainfall was going to be heavy. We have procedures in place to warn of floods. But as mere mortals we cannot control the rain and have to try to cope with what is inevitable as well as possible.

There are many other situations like this in life. Illness cannot be avoided at times and many circumstances are outwith our control, the ultimate being death. We may be able to take our life (by force - it is very sad when someone gets to that level of despair) but we cannot and do not live for ever and we have no power over the day of our death.

There is hope however. The only man who ever lived who had control over death was Jesus, the Son of God. Not only did he bring at least three people back to life (see the Bible - John 11/Luke 8.41-56/Luke 7.11-18) but he voluntarily sacrificed his life when he died on the cross. I am not only referring to his going to the cross willingly but that when it came to his death, life did not ebb away (as it would with us) but that he consciously sacrificed his life that we might have life (see Luke 23.46).

The profound message of Christianity is this.

Sin has consequences morally in the Court of Heaven. God is loving and unfailingly holy. His distaste of sin is such that it would be an affront to his character to allow beings into his presence who have been marked by sin. The dilemma is that God wants to share life with his creatures but his creatures by willful disobedience have distanced themselves from Him.

Enter, the Son of God. The divine plan was this. The Son of God would become man as a result of a miraculous conception but a normal birth. His life of thirty years would be clear evidence not only of his divinity (His miracles etc) but of His holiness and flawless character. As man He could die but as He was without sin (fault) His death would be payment for guilty humanity. God could still be holy and yet in His love offer individuals pardon and forgiveness.

So how do you get this forgiveness. Well God treats his creatures as thinking individuals. He has given them the capacity to choose. The offer is on the table. Consider, grieve about and admit your sin to God (not a Priest nor anyone). Believe and depend on what the Lord Jesus has done and accept Him as your Saviour.

I cannot describe the change that you will find when you come. It cannot be defined in words. It does not guarantee a problem free existence. It will bring about changes in your lifestyle (not enforced changed as a result of rules but changes in interests and desires for the better). It will mean your guilty status before God has been resolved. You will be saved for ever.

Read the Bible, seek the Lord while He may be found.

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