Friday, September 21, 2007

Reunions - It's nice to meet up again

I love reunions. At the time of writing this blog I was off to a reunion. Thankfully we all saw each other in the summer when we ran a youth camp together but often reunions mean coming together again after long times of separation.

Not seeing someone can be heart wrenching and difficult!

In the Bible we are told about lots of reunions. The lost son, also called the prodigal son, is welcomed home after a disasterous time away from home. Sin and hurt were the result of a wrong decision he had made. However the Father welcomed the lost son back with open arms when he returned acknowledging that he had been wrong. This story is in the Gospel of Luke chapter 15.

God is like this with us.

We went our own way.
We sinned.
We did our own thing.
We got hurt.
We cannot get it back together without Him.
We need to admit that we are wrong.

When we come he receives us. Why - because the Lord Jesus has taken the punishment for us by dying for our sins. God can forgive us on this basis.

Why not confess your sin and ask God to forgive you - HE WILL.

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