Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm dying to sit down and have a break

Ever been so busy and in such chaos that you wondered if you would ever make sense of things again. We have been like that in our house this week. We moved into a new house in July and had an extremely busy summer which resulted in us not being in the house much for seven weeks. Then we hit September and chaos reigned. Joiners, plasterers, carpet layers, tilers, plumbers, electricians; you name it - if they had a trade we invited them in to see if they could help. We are nearly at the end now but I thought that we would never get there. Some days you couldn't find the floor never mind a bed.

Maybe your life is a bit like my house. You feel that there is not a lot of order in it. You wouldn't be surprised if you never got it straightened out. In fact it seems impossible to make any sense out of it. Well I have news for you. God can straighten out your life. A man called John is recorded in the Bible as preaching that the Lord Jesus came to make crooked lives straight (the Bible calls it salvation).

But to get it you have to want it!
And to want it you need to understand why you need it.
If you understand what is wrong (our sin and disobedience to God) then you will quickly gather why only God and His Son, Jesus can help you.

The Bible puts it like this. Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.

Do you know that you are wrong?
Do you want to be forgiven?
Do you accept that you cannot obtain forgiveness anywhere else except from God who you have offended?

Then rest on what the Lord Jesus did for you when he took the punishment for sin upon the cross and know his great salvation today.

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