Monday, June 16, 2008

Liverpool City of Culture 2008

Not only is Liverpool 800 years old but it is celebrating being the City of Culture this year. As part of the celebrations one of the Gospel Halls (an independant local evangelical church) in the city is hosting a two week mission. I have been invited to speak along with couple of others. The strapline for the two week mission is 'One year of Culture, an eternity of ?' An interesting question! The question addresses the fact that life for all of us on this panet is temporary. We will all die one day! The question is, is this all there is or is there more to come?

If we are left to our own thoughts we might assume that it would be a waste to achieve so much on earth and for it all to account for nothing in the end. Think about the considerable talent that most humans have and the amazing talents that certain individuals have. Is all this ability for nothing, wasted on a pointless existence. Even if we use it all the talent we have to it's best advantage ultimately it is of no signifance if there is nothing beyond this! But is this true?

I suggest that there is more to life! This suggestion is not based on a hunch, a gut feeling or wishful thinking. It is based on the revelation of God in the Bible, the word of God. God says he made us in His image. He created us for His glory. The Lord Jesus stated that he came 'that we might have life', abundant life. But our wrongdoing, our sin has deprived us of joy knowing life now as God intended it and could prevent us (if unconfessed and unforgiven) from knowing the God's quality eternal life, now and in heaven.

The situation is basically simple. Mankind made a wrong choice. In Adam, the first man, we all sinned and continue to do so. Our sin has consequences it must be accounted for and be dealt with legally. Our physical and ultimately eternal death is the result.

The solution is simple. It has been paid for but at a very high price. This is why Jesus Christ was born. He 'came into the world to save sinners'. By Jesus' death of crucifixion He paid the price in full for sin and can offer to us the gift of eternal life. In other words 'Christ died for us' and as a result God offers, when we confess our sins and receive His Son as our Saviour, the forgiveness of sins.

Will you celebrate salvation in Liverpool's year of culture? I trust that you will.

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