Friday, June 27, 2008

What do I do each day?

Some people ask what I do so I am writing this week a brief summary of how my week usually looks.

My standard week is like this.

Preparation Day & Personal Time (sometimes)
Tract Distribution at shopping area, Bible Study and Coffee morning in my local Gospel Hall, Street Meeting in the afternoon.
School work, Street Meeting & Home Visitation with the gospel
Taking the gospel to business events, Bible Study and Home Visitation
One to one Bible studies, Street Meeting.

In the evenings I am often speaking at a series of gospel meetings, speaking at Bible Teaching Meetings or attending my own Gospel Hall. I also visit Hospitals, Prison Hostels and meet people for coffee to explain the gospel to them. I also am involved in editing a Christian Magazine (Precious Seed), write, record gospel and bible teaching CD’s for handing out to my contacts.

I am off to Ukraine for 10 days soon to give some Bible Teaching. That will be an interesting experience.

E-mail me and tell me about your weeek.

God Bless you,


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