Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can you trust what anyone says any more?

I know every one is writing about it but it is big news. When I was a lad, Banks were so secure that we thought that it was impossible for a Bank to "go bust". That's probably why I joined a Bank at the tender age of 16 and spent the next 26 years of my life working in the financial services sector. So here we are in the 21st century and you cannot even trust a Bank. What is left that is dependable? What worries me is that we are told one day that everything is fine by the very people who then have to admit that everything has gone wrong so soon afterwards.

Truth seems to disappear all for the sake of public confidence in something that is already destined to fail.

Well those of you who read my blogs will know that I believe that God can be trusted. The Bible says that 'God cannot lie'. The Bible says about things that God says that they are 'true and faithful' i.e. they are to be trusted.

Can I tell you about one of the 'true and faithful' things that God says in His word. Here it is 'that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners'. This statement can be trusted. Firstly it is true historically and factually. Jesus did live, He did die and He did claim that He had come 'that they might have life'. Secondly it is true practically - that is if you come to God and confess to Him that you (like me) got it wrong, that you have broken His law and that you deserve what is coming to you. He will save you. That means He will legally grant you a pardon from God (see Romans 5), He will give you a new beginning and a new power to live (see the Gospel of John chapter three about being born again and 2 Corinthians 5), He will rescue you from being condemned by God on the day of judgement (John 5:24).

You really can trust God when he speaks. Why not take Him at His word and pray confessing your sin to God - He will save.

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