Saturday, October 25, 2008

Where did that week go?

I worked on Monday and then we flew to Ireland to see our relatives and friends for a few days. It was half term and the time didn't half fly. Into Belfast International at 11 a.m. , up to Ballymena, then down to Newtonards to see my wife's sister and her family. Back to Belfast at night to visit friends. Home late.

Wednesday - a bit of a lie in, then out for the day with friends (back to Belfast) then home to spend the evening with my wife's Mum and Dad. Our daughter went out for a meal with friends she had been in the Ukraine with and our Son went off to spend the night at our friend's son's house.

Thursday - up and in to Ballymena by 9.15 a.m. , time for an Ulster Fry (good healthy living). Off to Ballymoney to visit my Brother in Law and his wife. There for the rest of the day, back to Ballymena for 7 p.m., collected cases and then off to the airport for the flight home.

Three days off - you must be joking. Three days on a flying visit without hardly drawing breath.

Seems that's how our life goes. Maybe that's how your life goes. Hardly any time to think. Little time to take in what are we doing with our lives. What is all the rush and activity about?

I thank God that I learned early in life why I am on this planet. I thank God for parents who taught me the truth. Why we die? Where we came from? What's next when life is over?

What about you! Have you stopped to think yet? Or are you rushing on and missing the point of your existence. It's not to make money, it's not for success in itself, it's not solely for personal happiness. You were created to bring God glory and when you are doing that you will be fulfilled in yourself and a blessing to others.

Our self centred lives, our sin against God is the reason why we do not know God and enjoy the real things in life (not the toys this world offers but the truth, joy, pleasure, honesty etc that comes from God).

To get to know God you need to confess your guilt before Him and admit your need of Him. He will save you and bless you. In the Bible the way back to God is summarised like this. 'Repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ'. That means you turn from your sin and admit it is wrong and that God is right. Then you turn to God's Son, the Lord Jesus and trust him to forgive and save you. He came from heaven, born of the virgin, live a perfect lfie and allowed men to crucify him so that you could be forgiven. He personally paid the price God demanded for sin so that you could be forgiven. Would you trust Him today? I pray that you will.

Kind regards and God's blessing, Stephen

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